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Don't miss out on this opportunity to be a part of the 2020 FHANA  Calendar. This calendar is distributed to each "New" and "Renewing"  member. Great spots are still available. Contact FHANA for more details. or 859-455-7430.  Deadline for submission is Aug. 20,  2019.

The FHANA Calendar is distributed to every new and renewing member.   It is also handed out at various expos and shows to potential members.  


FHANE will be hosting the the FHANA, New England Keuring at:

Four Town Fairgrounds

56 Egypt Road

Somers, CT

Forms and additional information coming soon 

Contact Danielle Barrasso 413 433 1616


jUne news 2019


Bastiaan 510

June  3, 2019 

Bastiaan 510

In Australia, the 11-year-old Braggo S. (Jisse 433 x Tsjerk  328) has been registered as Bastiaan 510 after completion of the Short  Test. The approval of Bastiaan 510 symbolises a double first: he is the  first stallion to be approved on Australian soil and he is the first  Jisse 433 son to obtain a stud license.
Braggo S. Star Sport competes at Prix St. Georges level with Jeremy  Janjic which made him eligible for the Short Test. At the inspection in  New South Wales Braggo was presented in-hand. Head of Jury Harrie  Draaijer: ‘Braggo S. presented himself well. In the previous months the  Stallion Inspection Committee in the Netherlands assessed a number of  his Prix St. Georges tests. On the basis of these findings, the  presentation in Australia and a pedigree assessment he received an  invitation for the Short Test.’

A fortnight after this invitation the stallion was evaluated a second  time by Draaijer and colleague Jury member Wil Thijssen. Braggo S. was  also taken for a test ride by Grand Prix rider Rozzie Ryan. Rozzie Ryan  said that he is still fairly inexperienced at Prix St. Georges level but  she was very pleased with the work ethics and eagerness displayed by  Braggo S. Back in the Netherlands the footage of the training was  examined by Frenk Jespers and Jaap Boersma. On the basis of these data  as well as his good exterior, fine lineage, high breeding values and  positive character assessment the Stallion Inspection Committee has  decided to advise the Board to approve stallion Braggo S. for stud  services. Braggo S. was registered under the name of Bastiaan 510.

Draaijer: ‘As a Foalbook stallion Bastiaan 510 already has a few  registered offspring to his name. The quality of his sons and daughters  seen at inspections appears to be fine. Bastiaan 510 has a good model  showing stallion expression. The correct walk displays more than  satisfactory length of stride and use of the body. In trot he moves with  suppleness but the hind leg should develop more activity. The correct  canter shows good strides with more than satisfactory self-carriage.  Bastiaan 510 is free of the dwarfism- and hydrocephaly genes.

As posted in the June 2019 KFPS Newsletter.  Bastiaan 510 (Jisse 433 x Tsjerk 328). (Photo: Lynn Jenkin




A chance to win Nane 492 Frozen Semen

April 24, 2019 

FHANA has been working closely with a student from the  Netherlands in capturing data on the importing of Friesian horses to  North America.  This student needs additional assistance from the FHANA  membership and would like to request you take a few minutes and answer a  few survey questions.  Once you complete the survey your name will be  entered into a drawing for Nane 492 Frozen Semen which has a value of  250 Euro.  

Survey questions can be found at

Thank you in advance for your participation

Nane 492
Nane 492

FHANA’s first Horse of the Year award

Congratulations Tjaarda 483 Sport-Elite


Tjaarda 483 Sport-Elite is the first horse to receive the honor  of becoming FHANA Horse of the Year.  What does being awarded Horse of  the Year by FHANA mean?  Well basically it’s a notable horse by our  members; one that has made a significant impression on us for one reason  or another and therefore voted as the fan favorite for the year.   Tjaarda has made an impression on our membership.  And I think I know  why.  For most of us the Friesian horse is the horse of our dreams.  It  draws emotion of awe in its presence, beauty and movement.  But as we  become owners of a Friesian horse, a most common comment is made – the  extraordinary character of the Friesian horse.  He becomes not only that  most majestic horse to our eye but also our very willing partner. 

Tjaarda 483 is such a horse.  He had an extremely successful show  career in the Netherlands before coming to America.  Trained and shown  by well know Dutch equestrian Susan Bouwman, Tjaarda earned 3 Sports  predicates (dressage under saddle, driven dressage and show driving).   He also won the Silver bowl (award given by the KFPS for the top show  driving horse).  And in 2012 he was voted by the KFPS membership as the  “Horse of the Year”.

So, Horse of the Year is not a new title for Tjaarda, but this year  he receives this distinction from our FHANA membership.  His story here  in America is likely why.  Tjaarda was a very successful competition  horse in the Netherlands with a professional rider.  We would expect a  very talented horse to do well with a very talented and experienced  trainer.  After becoming a KFPS breeding stallion via the short test and  breeding for 2 seasons in the Netherlands Tjaarda traveled to Dorr,  Michigan to stand at the Friesian Connection Stallion Station, Inc.   There his new rider was 18-year-old Ellisa Kroll, daughter of Amy Kroll  and granddaughter of Friesian Connection founder Robert DeBoer.  Ellisa  had been working her way up the levels in USDF dressage and had  successful scores with other KFPS breeding stallions but Tjaarda was her  first FEI level horse.  Tjaarda was just beginning PSG dressage with  Susan Bouwman.  Tjaarda successfully completed PSG with Ellisa Kroll in  the summer of 2016.  He was then awarded the new predicate from the KFPS  known as Elite.  Tjaarda had previously met the qualifications for  Elite with his 3 Sport predicates and now met the qualifications with  the 2nd possibility – 5 win points at an FEI level of  dressage.  Tjaarda became one of the first to earn the Elite predicate  and is the only “double Elite”. From there this team continued to  improve with 2018 earning Ellisa and Tjaarda regional championship at  I-1.  This year the team is competing at I-2 while schooling the Grand  Prix. 

Remarkable for a talented horse and talented rider…but this rider is  not a professional…she is a junior rider.  Tjaarda and Ellisa compete in  show rings where the other junior riders are often competing on the  fancy Warmbloods their parents have purchase who are masters at levels  above the level of their rider.  Tjaarda and Ellisa are unique in the  show ring.  It is something to see an actively breeding Friesian  stallion ridden by a junior rider and winning above the Warmblood  horses.  And not only that, Tjaarda is being trained by Ellisa.  It’s  not uncommon for the talented horses of junior riders to be trained by  professionals and then ridden by their junior owner/rider with their  trainers coaching. Tjaarda is exclusively ridden by his junior rider.   This team is coached by some of the best (their US coach is Grand Prix  rider Brad Cutshall and well-known Friesian trainers Marc-Peter Spahn  and Petra Zeelen come from the Netherlands to train Ellisa and Tjaarda)  but the work is done by Ellisa.  

So, what does this tell us about the Friesian breed?  I think it  proves what we all already know from personal experience.  The Friesian  horse is special.  He is beautiful but he also wants to work for you, he  wants to be your partner.  Tjaarda has represented that truth to us all  as we watch this team work and become successful together.  Not many  moms would send their daughters off to horse shows on their own.  Ellisa  and Tjaarda often must go alone because Ellisa’s mom needs to be  available to collect the other stallions at the stallion station.  So,  when the crowd at these shows see Tjaarda, they see a well behaving  stallion handled by a young girl competing at FEI level dressage and  they see what we see, a breed of horse to fall in love with.  And that  is why the FHANA members voted for Tjaarda to be their first “Horse of  the Year”, because Tjaarda represents to all of us what is so special  about the Friesian horse.

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April 29, 2019 | By Janice DeBoer VerMerris

Tjaarda 483
Tjaarda 483

march news 2019



The 13-year-old Tsjalle 454 (Mintse 384 x Brandus 345) was recently  awarded Preferent status as the youngest ever Friesian Studbook  stallion. Tsjalle 454 has contributed significantly to the modernisation  of breeding by passing on his youthfulness and elegance to his  offspring.

He was instantly popular with the breeders from the moment of his  approval in 2009. Since he obtained his stud license he never serviced  fewer than 160 mares per season, with an absolute bumper year in 2015  with 262 stud services. Fifteen daughters have already risen to Crown,  daughter Joce Femke van de Noeste Hoeve has become Model. Three sons  have received their stud license: Jehannes 484, Tymen 503 and Yme 507.

Tsjalle 454 was born as Tsjalf fan Fjildsicht in Wietse and Grietje  Wijbenga’s yard in Veenwouden in 2006. ‘Tsjalle 454 was already quite a  picture when a foal’, Wijbenga tells us. He is a Mintse 384 out of  Welmoed fan Fjildsicht. When Tsjalle 454 was eighteen months old Age  Okkema became part-owner. Tsjalle 454 entered the Central Examination at  the age of three. That year the Stallion Inspection Committee tasked  with the assessment of the horses consisted of Fetze Veldstra, Bauke de  Boer and Herman Smit. ‘Tsjalle 454 was a very hardworking stallion’,  Veldstra remembers. ‘We were quite taken with his characteristic show  driving movement, but the walk is his weak point. Tsjalle 454 has proved  to do really well in breeding, he has embedded front and breeding type  into breeding.’

Fellow jury member Bauke de Boer: ‘Tsjalle 454 showed progress in the  course of the test and in the last fortnight it became clear that he was  an excellent show driving horse. The more Tsjalle 454 learned how to  relax the better his movement became, with good use of the hind leg. Not  many horses make such an aristocratic front as Tsjalle 454 when pulling  the sjees. He has kept himself extraordinarily well in terms of legwork  and conformation.’

Selling or leasing crossed our minds
At the time of Tsjalle 454’s approval Age and Marieke Okkema were  running a small-scale training stables at ‘De Mersken’ in Siegerswoude  and didn’t have the facilities for a stallion station. Age: ‘I looked at  the options of selling or leasing out Tsjalle 454 but then decided I  could just as well do it myself. Tsjalle 454 had many fans but there  were criticasters too. For many breeders using him for their mares was a  bit of a gamble. Without these breeders though, Tsjalle 454 would never  have reached Preferent status.’

At the 2016 Stallion Inspection, the year Tsjalle 454 became Champion,  he sparkled in the ring. ‘All the jigsaw pieces fell into place that  year. This year however, his preparation was less good. Last year  Tsjalle 454 had a keratoma and after that he contracted a tendon injury.  He had fully recovered one month ahead of the Stallion Inspection but  still, we didn’t want to push him.’

As produced by the KFPS newsletter March 2019       



Congratulations to Frank Leyendekker for the purchase of Haike 482 Sport  (Argen 417 x Lute 304).  Haike 482 Sport will be standing at  Leyendekker Friesians in Visalia, CA.  Currently Haike 482 is in  quarantine and should be available for breeding within the next 30  days.     

 only as strong as its executive leadership. This is a good place to show off who’s occupying the corner offices. Write a nice bio about each executive that includes what they do, how long they’ve been at it, and what got them to where they are.


News February 2019

Are you interested in bidding on one of the many donated breedings that will be a part of the live auction but unable to attend??

2019 AGM Stallion Auction

January 26, 2019 

Are you interested in bidding on one of the many donated breedings that will be a part of the live auction but unable to attend?

The live auction will take place during the awards banquet on  Saturday evening Feb. 23rd, 2019 starting at approximately 11:30PM EST.  The auction is open to the entire membership even if you are unable to  attend. Members have the opportunity to bid on each breeding prior to  the event. The highest bidder will then have the opportunity to phone in  during the live portion of the event. 

To bid, please contact the FHANA Office at 859-455-7430.  You will be  required to state the highest amount you are willing to bid on.   Example:  Person A bidding on Stallion Y.  Starting bid is $800 and you  are willing to bid up to $1000.  The next phone bidder will need to beat  your high bid of $1000 for their bid to be accepted.  Person A will  need to bid $1025.  The highest phone bidder will then have the  opportunity to bid during the live portion of the auction with their bid  being the start of the live portion of the auction. 

Each phone bidder will need to contact FHANA with their phone number,  highest bid they are willing to go up to, and supply FHANA with their  credit card information to hold on file.  The credit card will not be  charged until the completion of the auction.   

Winning bid will be required to pay for shipping and handling.

FHANA would like to thank each of the stallion owners for their  generous donation.  Stallions are listed in order of their donation.

*Leyendekker Friesians-Choice between either Sibald 380 or Jisse 433 Sport.  Starting bid $800  

*Iron Spring Farm-choice between Brend 413 Sport, Teade 392 Sport, Tjalbert 460, or Meinse 439.  Starting bid $800.  Cooled semen only and breeding good for either 2019 or 2020 breeding season.  

KCF Farms-Julius 486 (Frozen Semen Only).  Starting bid $1000

Black Pearl Friesians-Thorben 466 Sport.  Starting bid $1000

*Friesian Focus-Monte 378 Sport.  Starting bid $800 

*Young Living Farms-Wybren 464 Sport.  Starting bid $800  Does not ship to Canada

*Maddi's Friesian Ranch-Doaitsen 420 Sport.  Starting bid $800  Does not ship to Canad

Brookside Friesians-Djoerd 473 (Frozen Semen Only).  Starting bid $800

***Stallions listed with an * do not ship to Canada***

Brend 413 Sport
Brend 413 Sport
 It's Cold Outside!
It's Cold Outside!